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Upcoming Lunchtime Seminars 


Promoting Social and Emotional Development Through Child-Led Play
August 14, 2019

Learn all about the power of play for promoting your child’s development! Research shows it’s a proven way to improve relationships, decrease power struggles and become a more mindful parent. Appropriate for parents of children up to age 10.

Family Assets
August 15, 2019

Learn what Search Institute has to say about family assets and leave with practical tips to enhance your child’s well-being via the strength of your family. Appropriate for all ages.

Powerful Praise
August 21, 2019

Can praise motivate your children? Yes it can! Learn why and how at this seminar. Appropriate for parents of children up to age 10.

Staying Positive with Toddlers
August 22, 2019

Parenting Toddlers is a demanding job that can leave parents feeling discouraged and frustrated. Learn practical skills for staying positive with your toddler to increase their cooperation and your mutual enjoyment. Appropriate for parents of children ages 1 to 3.


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